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Rank Brothers Logger

Rank Brothers Logger is our logging application for Microsoft Windows. It can log results from the PDA3000 Particle and Flocculation Monitor and display them as a graph or export them to a file or spreadsheet.

Release History


  • Fix broken update check with new website.
  • Use built-in header style when exporting data to Excel.


  • LED drive is changed immediately without needing to click a Set button first.
  • Replace current overload indicator with more useful DC overload indicator.
  • Windows 10 support.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • After importing a file the new source is automatically displayed.
  • Fixed bug causing line graphs to be drawn outside the axes in some situations.


  • Improved visibility of line graphs by increasing their thickness and brightness.
  • Line graphs now draw on top of the axes instead of underneath them.
  • Added initial support for high DPI screens.
  • Improved channel selection dropdowns (prevent selecting duplicate data, add entry to clear second channel, correctly set width to match content).
  • Add ability to open download page from update checker.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Initial release.


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