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PDA2000 Photometric Dispersion Analyser

The PDA2000 Photometric Dispersion Analyser is a simple, rugged, but very sensitive monitor for flowing suspensions and emulsions, based on an optical technique developed at University College London. The unit is compact and lightweight (width: 380 mm, depth: 200 mm, height: 140 mm, weight: 4.5 kg).

Applications include:

  • Selection of optimum flocculent dosages.
  • Control of dispersion and emulsification processes.
  • Assessment of the strength of aggregates (flocs).

Some of the advantages of the PDA2000 over more conventional techniques are:

  • Very simple to operate—little attention needed.
  • A very wide range of suspension concentrations can be directly monitored (from PPM levels to several percent solids).
  • No orifices to clog.
  • Minimal problems due to contamination of optical surfaces.
  • Flow-through operation, ideal for on-line applications.
  • Novel flow cell using inexpensive, disposable plastic tubing—no connection problems.

The PDA2000 Photometric Dispersion Analyser is now available exclusively via the joint Rank-Econovel website. Please visit the website for further information about the PDA2000.

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