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Electronic Stirrer Model 300

The Electronic Stirrer Model 300 is a motorless magnetic stirrer that operates by generating a rotating electromagnetic field in the stirring heads. The liquid to be stirred has a magnetised stirring bar placed in it. The bar and therefore the liquid, is rotated by the magnetic field produced in the heads.

The Model 300 provides great flexibility for use with different sizes and types of vessels; it is particularly suitable for small specialised sample holders frequently used in electrochemical and spectrometric applications.

The magnetic stirrer has several advantages over conventional motor driven stirrers:

  • The stirring heads produce less electrical noise than motor type stirrers. With no moving parts they are very reliable.
  • Multiple heads can be connected to a single magnetic stirrer controller all stirring at the same speed.
  • Stirring head size is not constrained by motor sizes.

Main Features

  • Display of stirring speeds.
  • Four stirring modes:
    • Constant speed, clockwise.
    • Constant speed, counter clockwise.
    • Auto reversing mode, slow acceleration.
    • Auto reversing mode, fast acceleration.
  • 37 discrete stirring speeds from 100 to 1800 rpm.
  • Capture Button to allow stirrer bar pick up without having to adjust the stirring speed.
  • Memory feature allows the stirrer to operate exactly as before switch off, with soft start on power up to ensure stirrer bar pick up.
  • Three 5-pin DIN sockets allows up to twelve stirring heads (depending on type) to be simultaneously driven at the same speed. The maximum drive capability is 15 V/8 W, this allows control of up to:
  • Stirring speed independent of sample viscosity; limited only by power of Stirring Head.


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