Dual Digital Model 20

The Dual Digital Model 20 is designed as an integrated unit to make oxygen measurements. The standard version includes two electronic magnetic stirrers and the electronics to supply the polarising voltage, signal amplification, and digital display of percentage saturation for two electrodes. The only additional requirement is a supply of constant temperature water to the incubation chamber to ensure accurate readings.

Located on the front panel are controls to:

  • switch the display between the two electrode outputs;
  • operate and adjust the stirring speed;
  • set the polarising voltage between 0–1 V;
  • zero the electronics and electrode output; and
  • calibrate the electrode.

At the rear two sockets provide 0–1 V outputs suitable for a data logger, chart recorder, or other device.


Resolution 0.1% saturation
Polarising Voltage 0–1 V
Recorder Output 0–1 V via BNC (suitable for data logger or chart recorder)
Stirrer 120 to 1200 rpm
Power Supply AC 110–120 V and AC 220–240 V versions available (power cord supplied)
Size 230 mm (width) × 300 mm (depth) × 200 mm (height)
Weight 2.9 kg (excluding electrodes)

Rank Brothers Ltd reserves the right to change specifications in the light of continuing development.

Operating Manuals

These operating manuals are in PDF format. They can be opened in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Digital Model 10/20 Manual

Ordering Information

For a working oxygen measurement system you will need a controller and an electrode. Rank Brothers offers a range of Perspex oxygen electrodes and glass oxygen electrodes suitable for use with this controller.


Order Code Description
OXY022A Dual Digital Model 20 (220/240 V)
OXY024A Dual Digital Model 20 (110/120 V)

Optional Accessories

Order Code Description
OXY036P PicoLog 1216 data logger (8 channels, 12-bit resolution, USB connection)
OXY038B Connecting lead (Dual Digital Model 20 to PicoLog 1216)
OXY036Z Pico ADC-20 data logger (8 channels, 20-bit resolution, USB connection)
OXY038A Connecting lead (Dual Digital Model 20 to Pico ADC-20)

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